Origin of "Compolitan"
  Compolitan in Chinese means "Unity of purpose is a formidable force.", having a source originated from "Unity of purpose is a formidable force, too many rumors can confuse what is right or wrong." in Chou Yu of Guo Yu. Compolitan Law Office was co-founded by five attorneys-at-law including Chen, Han-Chou, Pan, Cheng-Hsiung, Lin, Chih-Chung, Wu, Jui-Yao and Kao, Su-Ta in December of 1995. For those years, we have successfully accumulated goodwill as well as public praise based on a belief of "Unity of purpose is a formidable force," followed successively by the joining of some learned and accomplished superiors of law such as Attorney Wang, Ping-Hui and Lin, Sung-Fu to our camp. As what we have believed, only a team can those parties concerned provided with complete services; only pooling the wisdom of the masses can Compolitan be unbreakable and unwavering.
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