I . Legal Matters
1. Legal Consultation
Views about legal proposals submitted in written form, revision of general terms for laws and regulations, and important judicial practices provided.
2. Composing, examination and witness of contracts or agreements:
Composing, examination and witness of contracts or agreements for transfer deed of intellectual rights, working deed, work scheme, sale & purchase of real estate, co-building, undertaking and leasing, etc.
3. Agency and arbitration of civil lawsuit, criminal procedure, petition and executive lawsuit, and non-lawsuit events such as arbitration of promissory note, payment order, auction of collateral, provisional seizure, provisional measures, mandatory enforcement and notarization.
4. Negotiations and talks of creditor's rights, debt and other disputes, handling of reorganization, dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy of corporation.
5. Lawsuit of intellectual rights such as copyright, trade mark and patent.
6. Corporate legal scheme and evaluation.
7. Mediation of industrial dispute and handling of labor cases.
8. Handling of marriage, adoption, claim, custody, will and inheritance.
9. Handling of cross straits affairs, consultation of related laws and regulations, risk evaluation for investment in Mainland China, corporation registration, etc.

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